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mango wood bangles

Mango Tree Fitted Bangles

Green Toilet

Toto UltraMax Toilet stylish appearance and water-saving efficiency

Wind Explorer

Windexplorer – wind-powered/electric vehicle

Biofuel agave

Agave fuels global excitement as a bioenergy crop

air bike

O2 Pursuit – Air Powered Supermotard

wood kitchen

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Storage

Green Hotel

Luxe New York Hotel Undergoes Massive Green Makeover

biodegradeable shoe

Meet the Worlds First Biodegradable Shoes

stop the water

Stop the water while using me! – cosmetics

fuel cell

PowerTrekk Fuel Cell Backup Power for Small Electronics

largest national park

Whole coastline of Namibia is designated a national park

Farts to Fuel – New Methane Processing Plant in Brooklyn

eco charger

Solar / crank universal charger will power up your devices day and night

concept car

Citroen E-3POD Antistatic Concept – A Graceful fusion of Bike and Car

biodegradable umbrella

The Brelli – Biodegradable Bamboo Umbrella

ball windmill

Energy Ball – Windmill

electric boat

Frauscher elektroyacht – battery powered boat

big pen light

Handmade Table Lamp of 347 Bic pens and paper clips


Canadian Waste Plant Will Power Itself Using Soda and Beer

eco button

Ecobutton – auto shutdown for computers

Vintage tie broach

Vintage necktie hand ruffled into a Rosette Brooch

litre tap

1ℓimit – Faucet Design releases water in eco Bursts

suitcase chair

repurposed suitcase chairs

Wood Bear

Sustainably harvested new-growth beech wood bear

Flelt Bowl

Small Felt Diamond Bowl

Glass Wall Tears

Wall Tears – Hand-blown from recycled glass stock

sponsored by: Tap Water Bottle

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